Bringers of the Better Life: 30 Million Square feet and Counting

What’s a ‘Better Life’? A life in which you can strike a good work-life balance. A life in which you don’t merely live in a gated community, but actually enjoy community living. When you are well-connected to all the places you care about. And when you can enjoy all the experiences you like, whenever you like. For about two decades, Pride Purple Group has strived to offer this ‘Better Life’ to all their homebuyers. Having completed about 20 residential projects across the length and breadth of Pune, Pride Purple has earned the reputation of building outstanding projects. And now, you too can be a part of our projects and live the ‘Better Life’.

Here are all our ongoing projects:

Park Grandeur, Balewadi High Street

Living true to its name, Park Grandeur offers you a life of true grandeur and opulence. And there are more reasons than one. Firstly, it is located at one of the Pune’s poshest locations: Balewadi Highstreet. Here, you’d find some of the city’s top fine-dine and nightlife hotspots right across the street from the project. Secondly, it offers ultra-spacious homes with top-of-the-line specifications, where nook and corner reflects sheer luxury. Thirdly, you can enjoy a host of ready uber-luxurious amenities like AC Gym, swimming pool. One phase of the project is already completed and occupied by residents. Phase 2 is under-construction and has homes available for purchase.

Buy luxury 3 & 4 BHKs from 2.68 Cr. to 3.09 Cr. (all incl.) at Balewadi High Street. 

Park Xpress, Balewadi High Street

Located a just a few hundred metres off the Balewadi, Park Xpress is your expressway to Pune’s poshest locale. It offers luxurious homes that are a segment lower than Park Grandeur, yet luxury benchmarks in their own right. For those who wish to live at the upscale neighbourhood, but don’t wish to invest as much money as Park Grandeur asks, this project is an ideal choice.

Buy luxury 2 RLKs from 1.03 Cr. (all incl.) at Balewadi High Street.

Park Titanium Tower H, Park Street, Wakad

Park Titanium Tower H is the most exclusive tower located in one of the most popular gated communities of Wakad: Park Street. What makes it the most exclusive tower? Well, the homes here are the most spacious and the tower offers a range of amenities, like rooftop party area, privy only to its residents.

Park Ivory, Park Street, Wakad

Park Ivory is located in Park Street, similar to Park Titanium. It offers thoughtfully planned homes with spacious layouts and a 3-side open plan. It is your entry to one the most popular gated communities in Wakad as it offers homes of a lower segment than Park Titanium. However, this in no way means that the luxury you will experience here is substandard!

Park Landmark, Park Street, Wakad

It is one of the most successful gated communities located in the heart of South Pune! Park Landmark offers you the best of two worlds: a well-connected urban lifestyle and a peaceful retreat. The project puts you minutes away from the prime places in Pune and also offers a calming, green environment within its compound. The Phase 1 of the project is already completed and occupied by residents, with ready-to-use-amenities. You can buy a luxurious home in the upcoming Phase 2.

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