4 Reasons That Contribute To #TheBetterLife At Park Connect

What really differentiates Pride Purple’s Park Connect from the rest is the promise of ‘The Better Life’. Each home here offers much more than merely residential spaces and amenities. It offers unmatched luxury, unparalleled convenience & unrivalled safety! And how does Park Connect offer it? Well, there are 4 fundamental pillars behind this. 

Here is how Park Connect offers you ‘The Better Life’:

The Livelier Life

Located on the Hinjawadi-Marunji Link Road, Park Connect offers you quick connectivity to all the destinations important to you. Be it restaurants, mall, multiplex, hospital, school, convenience store, or something else, Park Connect places you at a comfortable distance from all these essential destinations. Furthermore, Park Connect is located in one of the country’s biggest IT hubs, so it also helps you maintain a good work-life balance.

A Fitter Life

We are living fast lives today, trying to experience as many things as possible. And yet, ironically, we spend most of our time sitting! Needless to say that this lifestyle is negatively affecting us in more ways than we know. So, maintaining good health is not a hobby or interest anymore, but a necessity. Park Connect is built with the understanding of this issue, and because of this, it offers you a wide variety of fitness amenities. Here, you won’t have to go far from your home to fulfill your fitness goals. Because you would have dedicated fitness amenities like AC gym, sports courts, jogging track and lap pool among others just a few steps away from your doorstep.

A Safer Childhood

As parents, we are always concerned about the safety of our children. Whether we are there with them or not. With amenities like 3-layered security, vehicle-free zone and kids play area, Park Connect ensures that your children have a space of their own in the gated community, where they can play and enjoy safely. 

The Joy Of Togetherness

Socializing is one of the key factors that contribute towards a happy life. Even though you have a happy family of your own, having amiable neighbors and a community of like-minded people only elevates your social experience. This is why, Park Connect has been planned with facilities that will help make the community experiences better. Senior citizen zone, party area, 2-acre landscaped greens and clubhouse are some amenities where people can come together, know each other and develop stronger bonds. 

These four aspects at Park Connect elevate your lifestyle to a level where you experience everything better than before, and better than somewhere else. So it clearly won’t be an exaggeration to say that Park Connect offers you ‘The Better Life’!

If you are looking for a flat in Hinjewadi, Park Connect just might be the perfect place for you.

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