Commercial Property in Garden Plaza: A Fruitful Investment

Commercial Property in Garden Plaza - A Fruitful Investment

The city of Pune offers everyone with loads of opportunities to progress. The city is known as an IT hub along with being a thriving location for manufacturing organizations of every size. The city also has diverse industry startups in abundance. Along with this, Pune has been one of the most popular real estate destinations where people from various corners of India invest for better results. The NRIs also prefer the city for its impressive appreciation in the real estate industry during the last few decades.

Investors prefer putting money in advantageously located commercial projects as they bring higher returns in the form of rents while the price is appreciated over the period. If you are planning to invest in commercial properties you should analyze the most viable areas which can prove advantageous for commercial purpose. Wakad is one of the most popular areas in Pune that is found to be beneficial for commercial properties and is immensely popular among the real estate investors. The commercial projects in Wakad have taken a huge leap and offer various options to the property buyers.  However, it is essential to buy a flat from a reputed builder so that the transaction can be hassle-free and you achieve your desired results through the property.

Why Wakad?

Like some other popular areas like Kothrud or Hinjewadi in Pune, Wakad has also gained importance for commercial properties. The Hinjewadi IT Park being close to Wakad adds more value to this area. Furthermore, the proximity to Pune-Mumbai national highway gives Wakad the extra brownie points over the other areas.

If you are looking for a trusted name in real estate, you can think of Pride Purple Properties which offers its one of the esteemed projects in Wakad- Garden Plaza which gives an opportunity to the upcoming businessmen to establish their business in Wakad at a thriving location. Let’s see what value additions Garden Plaza has in its bucket.

  • Constructed with large column grid making the strong and stable structure.
  • Special designer entrance lobby which proves extremely impressive for a business centre.
  • The whole plaza will have 100% power back-up which ensures there is no break in your business.
  • For safety, the fire and smoke detectors are installed and parking area to make the whole building secure. Don’t worry about your office valuables, they are absolutely safe here.
  • Ample parking space for both visitors and owners as well making it an ideal business centre.
  • Vitrified tiles to add an exquisite touch.

If you are looking for the commercial property in Wakad, then Garden Plaza will be a perfect option for you. An amazing investment opportunity if you want to rent it out, it proves equally beneficial to start your own business venture here as the project is in the blooming area where lakhs of IT professionals live today and hundreds of companies operate. If you invest in Garden Plaza that will give you better returns in future. Your search for the shop for sale in Wakad will come to an end here as Garden Plaza will definitely fulfill your requirements.

Why invest in Garden Plaza?

  • Income potential – Investments in commercial properties bring more returns. The commercial properties bring around 6% to 12% annual term off the purchase price depending on the area which is more than the residential area.
  • Professional relationships – The commercial properties establish a professional relationship between tenant and landlord which ultimately helps to maintain business-to-business customer relationship as well.
  • Associate with a reputed brand – If you have your own business, then nothing like owning the commercial space of your own at a reputed brand like Pride Purple and that too at a location like Wakad which is developing at exceptional pace. Having your business property at an esteemed location automatically adds to the brand value.

As we can see the commercial properties have a bright future in Wakad. Your present investment will surely bring wonderful results in future. Also if you have a small business or you are looking for shops of diverse sizes then Golden Plaza is the perfect option for you. So what are you waiting for, get in touch with the representative to plan a site visit today.


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